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Hello, and welcome to the online home of the Adaptive Use Musical Instruments (AUMI) project. Please use the links above to navigate the site.

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AUMI for iOS version 2.1.1 has been released! (Feb , 2021)

Just some fixes: AUMI now can run on iOS 9.3 and up devices again!

AUMI for iOS version 2.1.0 has been released! (Jan 2021)

Version 2.1 has many new features, fixes, and internal changes. Read about it here!.

AUMI Featured on IONE's 25th Annual Dream Festival Facebook Page, December 2-8, 2019!

The AUMI Dream Ensemble of Kansas was proud to curate week 1 of the Facebook page for
IONE's 25th Annual Dream Festival, December 2-8, 2019. So far, this group of improvisers in Lawrence, Kansas, using the AUMI for iOS version of the Adaptive Use Musical Instrument, has posted four sound videos, featuring compositions and videos were written and produced by Kip Haaheim using images and audio available from the NASA website for public use. Some pieces feature poetry written and performed by Julie Unruh. Numerous audio clips from Oliver Hall's inspirational work "Symphony of Planets" were used with his blessing. Recording engineer Jim Barnes recorded the AUMI tracks at the Lawrence Public Library. Enjoy! These performances are archived on Facebook. To check out other AUMI activities in Kansas, visit AUMI-KU InterArts.

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