Articles about AUMI and AUMI Research



Research Publications

  • "Adaptive Musical Instruments (AMIs): Past, Present, and Future Research Directions"
    by Grond, Florian, Keiko Shikaki-Thomas, and Eric Lewis,
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  • "Using the Adaptive Use Musical Instrument (AUMI) in Music Therapy Clinical Practice", by Abbey L Dvorak, PHD, MT-BC, Elizabeth Boresow, MT-BC
    Music Therapy Perspectives, miy012,
    Published: 02 July 2018
  • "Aumi-Futurism: The Elsewhere and "Elsewhen" of (Un)Rolling the Boulder and Turning the Page", Music and Arts in Action (MAIA), by Jesse Stewart, Sherrie Tucker, Peter A. Williams, and Kip Haaheim - Vol.6, No 1, (2017)
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  • Lair, Liam, and Ashley Mog, "Four Rehearsals and a Performance: an Oral History," (Digital Humanities Project)
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