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AUMI Together

AUMI Together is a new project to be developed by Henry Lowengard under a grant from the Craig H. Nielsen Foundation, administered through Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

AUMI Together has two main aims:

  1. To create a webapp version of AUMI, capable of running in web browsers that can process video and sound.
  2. To connect that new AUMI client to other AUMI clients in an AUMI-friendly remote conferencing system.

The Project

Over the years, AUMI has proved a useful tool for allowing people to improvise music together in groups whatever their abilities. But now as people are more isolated, there's a need for AUMI players to play together telematically. It's appropriate that Dr. Oliveros was passionate about both AUMI and telematic performances!

 The complicated nature of getting a musical performance together using conferencing software, combined with the need to set up AUMI for its players and organize the improvisation session points out the need for a new kind of software to accommodate this practice.

I'm [Henry Lowengard] proposing AUMI Together, a variation on the concepts of AUMI that have been redesigned for collaborative music making in a networked environment. With some thought, the same infrastructure could also be used for other kinds of collaborative participation, for instance, painting together or making a 3d model.

Principles of AUMI Together should include:

To break the technology down:

On January 27th, 2023, Henry Lowengard talked about AUMI Together and other things for the DISABILITY STUDIES SEMINAR of the Universisty of Kansas.

This project is just underway (November 2021) and is expected to roll out in stages over the next two years.