AUMI Instruments

AUMI 2.1 allows you to easily import user instruments in a simple package.
An aumiinst is a directory of sound files, tar'ed and zipped and renamed from <directory>.zip to <directory>.aumiinst.
If the sound file names end in _<a number between 36 and 96>, that's taken to be the MIDI note it corresponds to, and will be considered a melodic user instrument. This makes it much easier to bring in special sets of sounds to a group of AUMI users. If you don't want you sounds to be considered melodic, but you still would like to number them, try starting the numbers from 100 rather than 0 or 1!

Here is a list of AUMI Instruments that are now available. Just click on the link, and if you are on an AUMI device, it will launch AUMI and add it to its list of User instruments, which may include the Melodic instruments, but will certainly include the percussive ones, and, if there are four or more sound files, loops, and relative instruments.

Percussive and Fun AUMI instruments:

Melodic instruments:

You can delete individual sounds from an imported aumiinstrument. To do that, select it as a User Percussion instrument, open the Sounds page, and select the sounds in that instrument and use the "delete" button to delete them. If you select ALL the sounds, it will also delete the aumiinstrument itself. You can re-import it at any time later.

If you are experiencing technical issues with AUMI, please contact for assistance.