Download AUMI

Here you will find download links and instructions for the AUMI software, available for Windows, Mac OS, and iOS.

Latest Versions


version: (v2.1.4, July 24, 2021)
Read more about AUMI 2.1 here

AUMI Instruments

AUMI 2.1 for iOS allows imports of new AUMI instruments. Read about them and download manu interesting new instruments here on the AUMI Instrument page.

AUMI Desktop versions:

NOTE: For Windows users, be aware that when you first download the file you may be greeted with a “Malicious file” warning. This is automatically triggered by certain Windows security measures when files are downloaded outside of the official Microsoft Store and developer ecosystem, and there is no malicious file or any risk to your computer. The warning can be safely dismissed by clicking on the “More info” text and continuing to open the file. This will only happen the first time after downloading.

Previous Major Versions of Desktop AUMI:

Mac versions: for MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) or older. For 10.13 (High Sierra) users, may we suggest AUMI v4.1.1 instead.